ᴀʙʏᴏɢᴀsᴍs is instituting a donation refund policy to ensure fair and transparent processing of requests for refund of donations as digital payments are becoming more frequent.ᴀʙʏᴏɢᴀsᴍs expects that all donors will exercise due care and diligence while making donations. ᴀʙʏᴏɢᴀsᴍs also recognises that a donation may be made erroneously or donors may change their mind.
ᴀʙʏᴏɢᴀsᴍs will examine each request for refund of donation and endeavour to make the refund. ᴀʙʏᴏɢᴀsᴍs may also seek further information / documents and donor must co-operate in this regard.

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